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Anglican Homebased Childcare

Anglican Homebased ChildcareAnglican Homebased Childcare Bay of Plenty

30 Domain Road or P.O.Box 164 Whakatane 3158
Phone 07 3085839 or 0800 LOOKAFTER 0800 566 523www.anglicanchildcare.co.nz

Anglican Homebased Childcare Bay of Plenty has been providing home-based childcare for families in the Eastern Bay since 1996. We work hard to keep our fees affordable for parents and our quality high.

Vanessa and the children in her care explore Waiotahe Beach together.

Vanessa and the children in her care explore Waiotahe Beach together.

Educators are carefully selected and are encouraged and supported to do ongoing training and professional development.

Anglican Homebased Childcare provides a home-based environment with one educator and up to 4 children. This small group allows the development of strong, caring relationships. “Educators offer affection and nurture to children and are highly responsive to their needs. These reciprocal relationships are integral to children’s learning and development and contribute to families’ and children’s enjoyment and sense of belonging.” (ERO – August 2009).

Our educators provide stimulating learning environments for children in their homes, and have access to our extensive toy and equipment library so are able to provide age appropriate resources for the children.

Recent research states that “stable, loving, nurturing, secure and stimulating relationships with caregivers in the earliest months and years of life are critical for every aspect of a child’s development”, and that homebased care is especially suitable for babies and young children as it allows them to form close attachments and relationships that are necessary in their early years.

Warm reciprocal relationships are formed between the children and Educator

Warm reciprocal relationships are formed between the children and Educator

Research is also showing that children learn best when they are part of the community, able to observe and participate in everyday life; everyday activities such as going to the supermarket, park, library, visiting friends and watching road works are all daily occurrences and provide lots of learning opportunities for the young developing brain. Our educators are always out and about in the community allowing the children to be part of whatever is happening.

Baillie and Sam revisit their profile books

Baillie and Sam revisit their profile books

Each child has a profile book where observations and assessments, based on TeWhaariki (the Early Childhood Curriculum), are documented and photos and artwork are included.

Registered Early Childhood teachers visit the children and work with their educator to develop monthly plans for each child in care to enhance, develop and extend learning opportunities.

Weekly playgroups, visits to the gym, music /dance sessions and organized excursions to local places of interest further enrich the children’s learning experiences. They are also able to be part of a larger group secure in the knowledge that their primary educator is still close at hand to reassure and support.

Our offices become home for the “School’s Out” programme each school afternoon and during the holidays. School’s Out provides a safe and exciting place for children who need care while their parents work. This service is staffed with adult and teenage supervisors who work with the children playing games, doing various art activities and in the holidays out and about within the community.